viernes, 17 de agosto de 2012

Botas para caminar

- and that’s just what they’ll do. One of these days these boots…
Well, you know how it goes.
But just what should you look for when choosing a pair of walking boots? Whether you simply need to keep the ol’ tootsies dry whilst out dog walking at weekends or are planning to head up Scafell Pike as part of your outdoor antics, there’s always going to be a boot for you.
Here are our Top Tips for making your selection:

1. Buy your boots well in advance of your trip or activity and wear them around the house to soften the fabric and mould them to the shape of your feet, also try them with the sock that you will wear.
2. Healthy feet are essential to comfortable fitting footwear and keeping your toenails trimmed to the right length is important. Use proper nail clippers and cut straight across (ideally straight after a shower as this softens the nail), don’t cut them too short and don’t round the corners as this can cause ingrown toenails. Gently removing hard and cracked skin with a pumice stone can also help.
3. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or a serious athlete, you have probably experienced painful blisters or calluses, usually caused by ill-fitting shoes and boots. Blisters strike more often in hot weather, they’re caused by rubbing and the key to preventing blisters is to wear socks and shoes or boots that fit well. If you do get a blister whilst on the go, try our Compeed Anti-Blister Stick and Compeed Blister Pack and remember at the end of the day not to put a plaster over it, leave it to dry out on its own.
4. When feet perspire on an average days trekking each one can lose up to 400ml of moisture, so wear fresh socks daily or try a pair of our merino wool socks to keep your feet dry and fresh.
5. Custom fitted insoles can enhance the fit, comfort and performance of footwear – ask a member of our store staff for more information.
6. The best time to buy your boots is in the afternoon, as feet are at their smallest in the morning and as we walk on them throughout the day, their volume increases due to increased blood flow.
For more information about how to pick your boots, along with option for socks, crampons and more, take a look at our Hiking Boots Guide.

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